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The Last Dance [28 Jul 2004|06:42pm]
[ mood | worried ]

she had finally asked. she walks away with tears running down her cheeks. she was planning a dramatic turning around to run off and leave him standing there, harboring guilt. but she realized that this was far too horrifying and depressing for her to be dramatic. the thought of trying to make him pity her made her stomach turn. this was a scary thought. she had never become this close to a man before. never let him get into her mind in this way. wasnt she supposed to be ruining him?

her face stained with her misery. eyelashes wet with her pain. her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. she buried her face in her peacoat and started to walk a little faster. turning her gaze to the land she was passing over. she say the frost covered leaves and the frozen stream. her shoes crunched over the icy ground. the sky was gray and seemed to loom over her as she walked. never once turning around. although thinking of nothing more.

her eyes and nose began to get colder. her breath smokey as it left her parted lips. now bright pink. her mind stuck on him despite her beautiful surroundings. she began to hear the most beautiful piano solo. she knew the song. another tear fell as the violin came in. her lips turned into a pout. and she pressed her eyelids close together. 'just dont let him see you' she thought to herself as her feet crunched over the ground. she continued on. the song got louder. its the last dance now.

she couldnt stop she had to turn. she lifted her head from her coat and tried her hardest to be secretive as she caught a glance. what is it? she thought. she turned her head completely now. as she saw. through the gray. through the ice. down the path where she had began. he stood. arms open.

she knew not what to make of it. she started walking slowly as if to see. she realized she hadnt made it far at all. he stood there silently. his arms outstretched. she inches a little farther. and sees his brown eyes. deep and trusting. she resenting every part of it. but she could take no more. she ran forward and into his arms. feeling them tighten around her. pulling her coat back up over her face. but it didnt matter. she was pressed against him. the only place she ever wanted to be. tears now pouring down her face.

'when you asked if i wanted to love you' he purred. 'i said no because i already do'. 'and i dont think i can ever stop...'

he cradled her into his arms. her face still against his beating heart. and they stood there. no longer their last dance. the song went on. the leaves passed on the stream thawed. the ground no longer icy. and their dance was no longer their last.

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